Week 8

Monday Mar 12 kl 9:00 Family Breakfast 

Monday Mar 12 kl 12:00 Shorties book club discussion

Monday Mar 12 kl 12:00 Study Haskell

Wednesday  Mar 14 kl 12 SwedishN00bz language table

Thursday Mar 15  kl 17:30 Ableton Live!

Friday  Mar 16 kl 12 Ground Lunch

Friday  Mar 16 kl 18 FTMO Potluck


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Ground Family Lunch                      Friday March 16 kl. 12


Palak Paneer (fresh cheese with spinach and cream)

Aloo Gobi curry (potato, cauliflower and coconut milk curry)

Dal Makhani (lentils and dine beans in spices and cream)

Mixed grains

Pickled red onions

coconut chutney

Susanna's usual winter salad - you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to eat kale...

Flat breads

Use Swish to place orders! Scan the QR code and write any food allergies/preferences in the 'Message' description. If you don't have Swish, you can paypal Renee at renee@theground.se.

89 kr