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We have AI breakfasts and arrange talks and courses throughout the fall and spring.



Tuesday OCT 16

AI Breakfast kl 8:00-9:00, The Ground

Discuss projects, problems, or the latest in AI over breakfast bread and coffee. Swish 20 kr at the door.

OBS! Enter through Bredgatan 6 gate

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thursday OCT 18

ai in practice: an evening of ai case studies kl 17:30-20:00, The Ground

Malmö AI presents "AI in Practice," an evening of AI case studies from the AI team at Securitas. The event will take place at The Ground. There will be presentations of case studies on "Predictive Security," "Computer Vision In Practice," and "Data Engineering from a Practical Perspective."  Food, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided!

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17.30 – Meet & Greet

17.45 – Predictive Security

18:10 - Computer Vision in Practice

18.30 – Meet & Eat

18.50 – Data engineering from a practical perspective

19:30 - Q&A


Predictive Security- Henrik Grönholt Jensen, Sr. Data Scientist at Securitas, PHD in Computer Science

In the age of deep learning and big data, the acquisition of labeled unique data has fostered a new gold rush as major companies vie market dominance in the intelligent services sector. One clear example of this can be found in the security industry where police and guarding companies have been gathering unused incident data for years. These agencies are now changing from being primarily reactive physical units to having an increased focus on data analytics as the primary tool for risk assessment, crime prediction and crime prevention. This talk will touch on recent developments in these areas, such as earthquake algorithms being used for crime prediction by PredPol, and how Securitas is planning to become the lead global intelligent guarding company in the coming years and what challenges we face going forward.

Computer Vision in Practice- Kamal Nasrollahi, Computer Vision Chief Scientist & Team Leader at Securitas, PHD in Computer Vision

Computer vision algorithms are not always producing the expected results when they work with facial images in only the visual spectrum of the light. This is because imaging devices sensitive to this spectrum of the light (aka RGB cameras) are performing poorly when the lighting condition is not good or when the face is rotated. To deal with these two issues, computer vision scientists have been complementing the RGB cameras with infrared (thermal) and depth cameras. In this talk we look at some applications of facial images, the problems we face when only use RGB cameras, and the improvement we get when complementing the RGB cameras with the other types of cameras. We also look at techniques similar to Eulerian Video Magnification that has been used in MIT for revealing subtle changes of facial images and use them for different purposes, like heartbeat estimation.

Data engineering from a Practical Perspective- Sebastian Nyberg and Johan Ullén, Cloud data engineer and Data Engineer at

Once data analysis has reached a stage where a feasible model is available, work starts for the data engineers. New requirements are now posed on the system: stability, security, configuration management, optimization and more. By looking at a real-world example of a large scale plant anomaly detection system built and hosted on AWS, we will explore common pitfalls and how to overcome them.


Securitas is rapidly becoming a leader in intelligent security. Securitas’ new product development center responsible for AI-powered intelligent security products invite Data Scientists and Data Engineers and other interested to come and join us at our new offices in Malmö and listen to our data scientist and data engineers. 

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