Flow Neuroscience raises €1.3 million!

Congrats to our tenants Flow Neuroscience for raising a 1,3 million euro round! 🎉

After launching in the UK and Sweden last month, Flow has now raised €1.3 million in a round led by Khosla Ventures, which it will use to support its European rollout, introduce Flow to healthcare clinics, and fund clinical studies.

Read the EU-Startup’s article here!

You can also read more in Wired’s article.


WHAT IS “organic” business growth?

The Ground is growing—a direct consequence of the companies that sit here growing. Many of them have been raising money this year, which makes us happy. But, as companies change, The Ground is needs to remain adaptable.

The Ground is a living organism that is shaped by its environment, i.e. the companies and individuals who inhabit it.

Our former Community & Operational Manager Renee wrote an article about us as an example of “organic” business growth. With a personal touch and sprinkles of satire, she presents a chronological recollection of how The Ground today was shaped.

Read Renee Gonzalez’s article here


Humans of The Ground

A case study made by Renee Gonzalez for building communities authentically. The Ground went through a huge change and from being 35 people under one roof to 135. There is a lot of work to be done to keep an old, familiar atmosphere while simultaneously creating a new community.

The thing about building community is that nothing needs to be innovative. You just have to get creative and keep it local. Grassroots, authenticity, and transparency are your friends when the process is inherently about making friends. - Renee Semko Gonzalez

Read what Renee did to create this special tech community on a human level here and follow her on Medium.