The Ground Thanksgiving

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The Ground Thanksgiving


Its time for The Ground Thanksgiving!!

Thursday 23rd November kl. 11.45-13

This is a  great lunch where we all get together to celebrate our successes over the past year, share our gratitude for each other and of course eat some AWESOME food!

The program for the day is:

11.45 Everyone comes and takes lunch
12.00 A representative from each company will
           1) give a 30 second intro to what they do
           2) say the achievement they are most thankful for from the past year
           3) say what exciting goal they are looking forward to
13.00 Everyone goes back to work :) 

This year Susanna will be making us an incredible lunch:

Spicy pumpkin soup

Roast chicken/baked cabbage wedge with gravy, mashed potaties, brussel sprouts, sourkraut and kale salad

Plum pie with pecans, salty caramel and creme anglais (vanilla custard)


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