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**Next Talk: Friday September 7**

kl 11:30-13:30

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Where do technology and people meet? More importantly, what happens when they do?

The Ground presents Tech+Ethics Talks, a monthly talk series aimed to educate and facilitate conversation about the implications and consequences of where tech and ethics meet. The idea is to encourage individuals and companies to think more about their roles – not only within business ecosystems, but in society as a well. The Ground wants businesses to start reflecting upon how their products might affect customers and larger social processes, particularly with regards to long-term consequences.

Thus, the overall objective of tech & ethics is to facilitate the collaboration of technical science and the humanities. The startup industry is primarily made up of individuals competent in technical sciences like business or technology, with a lack of humanities or social social science oriented perspectives. As these startups develop products and services interact with individuals, communities and, even entire societies, a need for empathetic, ethical, and humanistically designed tech is becoming increasingly apparent. Recent tech scandals like those with Facebook, Uber, and Theranos point to an industry unbounded by any system of checks and balances that cross-disciplinarity can help provide. Today's technology is developed by people, yet it seems to fall short of being made for people. Ultimately, Tech+Ethics aims to present information and perspectives from multiple disciplines that suggest ways of cooperation between what poet  W.D. Auden calls "useful knowledge"(i.e. technical science) and "truth" (humanities).


Every month will features a new speaker from cross disciplinary fields to bring new stories and perspectives. 


Time Schedule

11:30-12:00: Arrive and serve lunch

12:00: Feature Speaker presentation

12:45: Q&A / Open discussion

13:30: End of event



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