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We're a community of creatives, nerds, and digital producers. People at the Ground, aka Groundlings, are makers and world changers at heart who want to build scalable products with a BIG impact. We believe in sustainable, scalable businesses, and that the cross-pollination of great minds will help make the Malmö community even better.

Sound like your kind of people? We have vacancies! Send us an email at for more information or join us for lunch!  





The Ground started off as a little seedling. An idea really. In a seemingly vast sea of start up hubs, incubators, and accelerators, there did not seem to be a space for the oddballs. The companies past incubation or the repeat offenders who just wanted to make and do cool shit with their friends. 

Thus, the Jard was born in 2012, where a group of friends and start up veterans worked together in nerd haven. But, they quickly outgrew the Jard, so the first house at Bredgatan 4 was bought in 2015. Growing pains continued and the house next door was bought shortly thereafter, officially opening in 2017. 

Currently comprised of 25 companies, 135 people, and a few dogs, the Ground has evolved from a seedling to a full blown ecosystem for creativity and innovation- a "vuxen dagis' or adult daycare, if you will, where you can create and and collaborate with friends. As we continue to grow and change, we try to keep our three 'ground' rules in mind:

1) Be an 'icke'-inkubator, or place for experienced, expert startups to get the benefits and flexibility of being in an incubator without having to be in an incubator program.

2) Encourage diversity and sustainability within tech. This means hiring more gender, background, and idea diverse individuals and creating a safe space for everyone.

3) Create a 'third space' that's somewhere inbetween work and home and provides an extra nerd family. 


The tech industry may be dominated by men, but takes badass women to keep the Ground running because the best kind of power is #GIRLPOWER


Renee Gonzalez

    Head of Community & Operations

Trained as an anthropologist, Renee brings a fresh, humanities-oriented perspective into a house filled with tech nerds. This Texas native builds relationship networks through people's stomachs, hosting anything from coffee cuppings to beer tastings to book club lunches.  In addition to overseeing house operations, she also plans internal & external events aimed to bring the Ground and greater Malmö communities together. Her interests lie largely with bringing humanities into the tech sector, accomplished through events like The Ground's monthly Tech & Ethics talk series. 

Susanna Bill

Food Innovator

Susanna cooks meals at the Ground, but 'chef' simply doesn't capture everything she brings to the space With 15 years at Sony-Ericsson and two Mästerkock appearances under her belt, Susanna is the Ground's soundboard. People come to her to bounce ideas or get advice while she prepares mind blowing meals with a sustainable and healthy focus.  She released her first cookbook called Klok På Mat in 2018.

Malmö Ground- Bredgatan 4, 211 30 Malmo