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Our partners are essential, and together we accomplish a lot

Our partner benefits include:


Host external meetings and seminars here at The Ground, an excellent opportunity to meet new friends. Share insights and build awareness by hosting or sponsoring an event at The Ground.


As a partner, you get visibility for everyone moving in and around The Ground, and it's a great way to get noticed.



Perhaps you want to change the work environment once in a while or want to have a casual meeting outside the office. Our doors are always open for our partners.



Give your team access to the shared The Ground facilities, like our communal kitchen and lounge. You're all part of our community!


The House

...headquartered at The Ground, The House is an innovation hub by women for women, serving the Skåne innovation ecosystem, aiming to grow beyond the region and throughout the Nordics and Europe.

We are a community of dynamic female entrepreneurs and leaders committed to personal and professional growth with well-being and sustainability in mind.

We emphasize collaborations with leading NGOs, universities, incubators, and businesses across the innovation ecosystem to provide the best options for your venture.

"We give you the tools so you can fly."

Developing a solid foundation is central to scaling any business. We offer one-on-one sessions, business readiness workshops, funding opportunities, retreats, and networking events filled with potential, regardless of your ask.

The House is an oasis for innovation and support where you can thrive in a respectful, open, and professional environment.


"A proactive mindset leads to success."

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.....wants to participate in creating good public health and contribute to a socially and environmentally sustainable workplace. By offering carefully selected products in our various concepts, employees of companies can be introduced to new  healthier alternatives.

She Told Me A Story

……is a monthly open mic meetup for women in the Malmö tech community and beyond to share, empower, and support each other through storytelling and in-person connections. We get to know each other beyond the 30-second elevator pitch: no titles, no cool kids’ clubs, just human connections.

Women in Tech Malmo

…is for women to be equal participants in creating and developing the new tech businesses, products and services that shape our world. We want to inspire talented women to consider joining the field of technology while helping all women who are already in the industry, to grow and flourish in the tech world.

venture cup

…is the competition for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Our purpose is to connect people with ideas with experts and the crowd, to ignite the creation of new businesses and empower the growth of Sweden. Venture Cup offers inspiration, education, guidance and the opportunity to build a solid network. 

Food Matters

…aims to inspire a better future for food by stimulating industry innovation, technology, and people. We provide high-quality information, learning, and connections through live and digital events, podcasts, videos, written features and articles,
masterclasses, and trends panels, together with a suite of newsletters.  

Food Matters Live continues to be an ever-growing community of people from all over the world. Professionals embarked on the same journey towards a future defined by sustainable food production and optimum nutrition and health for everyone.

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