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The Ground

The Ground is a unique place that started in 2015 with two successful entrepreneurs looking for a space to work on their exciting new projects alongside other digital experts. They decided to buy a house, and so The Ground and the Groundlings began…


Groundling is an affectionate name for the tenants of The Ground; it is a play on the word ‘seedling,’ as companies and individuals come to The Ground and grow, which sometimes results in them also adding new colleagues, needing more space and The Ground helps cater to those changes with several room sizes on offer.

Together, we create a diverse, creative, and innovative bunch of amazing people! With social glue and community being our guiding arrows since day one, The Ground focuses on events, lunches, After Works, playing ping pong, chess matches, BBQs, etc., and bringing our dogs to The Ground for cuddles from everyone.


You walk into The Ground, kick off your shoes, and feel at home…

Our Timeline

The beginning

The Ground started under the name The Jard and was born in 2012 when a group of friends and startup veterans worked together


The Jard to The Ground

They quickly outgrew The Jard, so the first house at Bredgatan 4 was bought in 2015, which became The Ground.

The Ground 2.0

The Ground continued to grow, and the house next door was bought shortly after that. The Ground 2.0, which included Bredgatan 4 & 6, officially opened in 2017

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our Board


Katarina Berggren


Charlotta  Falvin  


Hampus Jakobsson


Karl-Anders Johansson

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