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How can businesses achieve sustainable and scalable growth? Exploring The Ground's approach

At The Ground, we believe in more than just creating successful startups. We have committed to creating a thriving, innovative, sustainable community in Malmö, Skåne. Our approach goes beyond just saying it on our website but living it and driving it within our community. Here, we explore the pillars of our green community and how each Groundling plays their part in making it a reality.


Holistic Sustainability Vision and Community Engagement Events 

The Ground is about environmental manners and cherishing an inclusive, economically vibrant, and humanly rich community where individuals flourish professionally and personally.  

We are well aware of the relevance of active participation, which is why we are hosting community engagement events. We host community events to bring the Groundlings together to make a positive impact in our space beyond the workplace. Step into our warm, inviting co-working space, and you will find more than just chairs and desks. We are committed to green initiatives and waste reduction programs to create a workspace that aligns with our values. 

Inclusivity and diversity 

Diversity is one of our strengths, and inclusivity and equality are priorities. The Ground is a place where different backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, and genders are welcomed and celebrated. We want to create a community that is rich in inclusion and diversity. At The Ground, we believe that together, we are stronger. That is why we have partnered with The House, which is a women's innovation hub inside The Ground, run by women, for women, where our goal is to flourish and inspire each other to become better. That’s why we see the value of inviting people externally to use our space, collaborating with our diverse partners, and ensuring all our events are in English so we can bounce ideas, share knowledge, and learn more together and from each other. The Ground also understands the importance of networking, especially in Malmö and in a professional capacity.  

Feedback, Iteration, and Conclusion 

At the Ground, your voice matters. We seek evaluation from our community to refine and shape our sustainability initiatives. Your wisdom may help us make meaningful changes that benefit everyone. Creating a sustainable community is not only an idea at The Ground. It’s a way of life. As a Groundling, you’re part of a co-working space and a community that understands the importance of the city development and Skånes startup community. Join us on the journey where every action, regardless of size, can contribute to a sparkling community and a more sustainable future.

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